Things You Need to Know about Interstate Removals in Perth


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Moving from one state to another is a huge adventure, literally and figuratively. It represents a new start for most people. Moving gives them a chance to start over, to get closer in reaching their dream, or to be in the company of family and friends. Before they can do all that though, they need to go through the actual matter of moving from one state to another.

If you are from Perth and you intend to move to South Australia or the Northern Territory, it would be best if you hire removalists that offer interstate trips. Removals services in Perth can give customers the assurance that their material possessions (from fragile ceramics to furniture to office equipment) will all arrive safely at their new place. Packaging materials and assistance are also part of the service.

There are some other things you need to know about interstate removals in Perth, such as:

1. Charging Scheme

Most removalists charge customers by the hour. The travel time is estimated beforehand to give you a rough estimate of how much you’ll need to pay at the end of the day. Most companies have quotes prepared for customers moving from Perth to other states and cities in Australia. Due to the hourly charging, it is very important for everything to proceed as scheduled.

Here’s a tip: If you are moving with your entire family, travel by air or drive separately from the removalists. This will allow them to leave on time without having to adjust to your schedule.

2. Insurance

It is the mark of a legitimate and reliable removalist company if it offers insurance to its clients. Basic insurance is usually included in the fees, but some would offer additional forms of insurance (for an additional cost, of course). Paying for the add-ons is not a requirement, but if it will ease your worries—and if the additional cost will fit your budget as well—then you should consider paying for it.

Another type of insurance you can look for is a no-damage guarantee. Make sure this means that if ever there will be damages, the company will pay for them.

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3. Vehicle Type

Closed trailer trucks are the preferred vehicle types for interstate travels. Driving at highway speeds produces a strong wind. Travelling in the day will subject the vehicle to midday heat. Moving during the wet season means you need to prepare for the possibility of rain. All these concerns will be solved by choosing closed trailers. Open trailers are only recommended for short-distance trips (removals within a single state or city).

4. Fuel

Cost for the fuel is already included in the fee. This should be shown in the quite provided to you by the removalists.

5. Multiple Drivers

Removalists for interstate movers will make sure that there are two or more drivers for the trip. They are to take turns and keep each other entertained enough to be alert on the drive. This is to ensure that the designated drivers don’t become too tired for the travel duration. This is a safety precaution since driving accidents usually happen when drivers get too sleepy or their limbs get too stiff sitting in one position for more than a couple of hours. If you are driving along with the removalists, it will be a more than a kind gesture to offer them refreshments during gas stops.

6. Stops

Save for when it’s time to refuel, removalists usually don’t take numerous or very lengthy breaks. As mentioned above, they charge customers by the hour. They will have provided an estimated quote, which in turn will be used by the customer as basis for their budgets. Any delays incurred by the drivers due to frequent breaks will be a liability which will have to be shouldered by the removalists.

Interstate trips that will take up more than a day of traveling will of course require overnight stopovers. Drivers will have designated stops. These will be strategic stops that will be chosen based on their location in relation to the estimated travel time, security, and convenience (ex: near a gasoline station or convenience store).

There will be other things that you’ll be made aware of once you have chosen a removalist. Just make sure to ask all questions you can think of. It’s best to be aware of everything, especially those that will require additional charges. Things can then proceed smoothly with little fuss and stress for everyone involved.