The Road to a Home Suffused with Zen

zen-like stmosphere

If you’ve moved into a new residence, chances are the general ambiance is not to your liking. Maybe you want a few tweaks in the living room, or a major renovation where the kitchen area is concerned; stuff like this usually present a relentless itch that homeowners just can’t scratch unless acted upon.

Some homeowners, though, go for the eccentric path and remodel their house in such a way that it conveys atmospheres that are diametric to the usual—that of creating a soothing, Zen-like atmosphere.

space design with zen-like atmosphere

How does one achieve the latter? It’s easy. Here are some tips:

  1. Use earth-hued colours. Aside from making rooms feel more spacious, earth shades are relaxing than, say, electrifying colours like oversaturated vermillion or orange hues. Desaturated colours should take centre stage here: pale yellow, artichoke, deep peach, and light French beige are shades you should pick from. There are, of course, a lot more but the key is going for tans, browns, and warm greens and greys. Also, knowing the different colour schemes like the complementary, triad, and analogous colour palettes should enable you to set up combinations that flow well with each of their component colours.
  2. Be a minimalist. Clutter is a no-no if you’re to achieve a relaxing atmosphere. Having a living room filled with too many paintings, decors, and other fixtures all make up for a stress-inducing panorama every time you come home from work. A potted plant here and several monochromatic chairs and tables there should be enough. Top it all off with 1-3 paintings (depending on the size of your place) and several throw pillows.
  3. Use plants to further enforce that “one with Nature” feel. Speaking of potted plants, one can always use them regardless of the space of the structure they’re living in. What with the diversity Mother Nature offers us, there’s no shortage of plant types you can choose from to suit the region where you live in. Living in a place where the sun seldom shows? Use ferns. Living in a hot region where ferns will have trouble thriving? Use cacti. Where plants are concerned, your imagination is literally the only limit where choosing plant types is concerned.
  4. The floor: soft or hard, it’s your call. While some recommend that you use soft material to carpet your floor with, others hold the view that if you really want to try to create a genuine, Zen ambiance, you should go with hard materials like bamboo, polished concrete, and/or hardwood. One thing these proponents of the opposing views agree on however is this: as with the rest of your house, use a minimalist approach with your flooring. That means no distracting patterns; only solid colours should be used.
  5. Use subtle lighting. Light that are too glaring or distracting is a design concept that’s antithetical to what we’re trying to achieve. Recessed lighting and dimmers are the way to go. With these installed, you’ll have a house that’s going to be well-lit yet to a degree that’s not too overbearing on your senses.

Taking the above tips in mind and applying some or all of them should set you on the path to creating a Zen-like ambiance for your new abode.