Terms & Conditions


1. In these terms and conditions:
You’ or ‘Your’ means the customer.
‘We’, ‘Us’ or ‘Our’ means Stack Removals and Storage ABN 78 151 680 769.
‘Goods’ means all furniture and other items which are subject to the Services.
‘Services’ means all of the work which we are to undertake pursuant to the Quotation to move and/or store the Goods.

2. We are not common carriers and reserve the right to refuse to accept the carriage of Goods at our discretion.

3. You represent and warrant to us that you own the Goods or are an authorised agent of the owner of the Goods and it is your responsibility to
direct us to move the correct Goods.

4. It is your responsibility to tell us if any Goods are fragile and require particular care.

5. If we consider that our vehicle is full and that no further Goods may be loaded, we will endeavour to either come back for the remaining Goods
or organise an alternate vehicle to suit your requirements. However, we will not be liable for any damage caused by the overloading of our
vehicle, nor for any delay to the Services.

6. At the completion of the move, we will ask you to sign the Removal Contract acknowledging the completion of the removal.
If you do not sign the Removal Contract or fail to specify any alleged damage or loss on the Removal Contract, you waive any right you may
otherwise have in respect of such damage or loss and we will not be liable to you in respect of any alleged loss or damage discovered
after we leave.

7. We will not be liable for any loss, damage or delay resulting from causes which are outside of our control.

8. All Goods are subject to a general lien for any outstanding amounts owed by you. We reserve the right to retain the Goods in the event that we
have reason to believe that you are unable or unwilling to pay us until such time as we have been paid in full. If such amounts remain
outstanding for 60 days, we may sell any or all of the Goods and apply the proceeds to satisfy any outstanding amounts. Any costs associated
with the storage of such Goods will be borne by you.

9. We will only be liable for loss or damage caused by defective packing of the Goods if we pack them. In the event that we advise you that
certain Goods must be protected prior to moving, but you insist that they be moved without our recommended protection, we will not be liable
for any damage caused as a result of moving those Goods.

10. Certain Goods contain inherent risks of loss or damage caused by moving. We will not be liable to you in respect of such loss or damage.

11. If we damage any Goods, we may, at our discretion, offer to repair the Goods or compensate you for the damage. In any event, we will not be
liable to pay you more than $500 for any one item. If we disagree regarding the value of any item, either of us may engage a licensed
independent valuer and such valuer\’s decision shall be binding on us. The cost of the valuer\’s services will be borne equally.

12. If your Goods are damaged as a result of any damage to our vehicle and such damage is covered by our insurance, we will compensate you
for such damage but only to the extent and only after our insurance pays us in respect of the damage to your Goods.

13. If the Services take us less than 2 hours, we will charge you for 2 hours.

14. If the Services take us more than 5 hours, we are entitled to a 30 minute break for every such five hour period, at your cost.

15. If you ask us to park our vehicle in a place where we may be subject to a parking fine, we will add any such amounts to the amount due for
our Services.

16. In every job that we providing we will charge minimum of 30 min travelling time.

17. The terms of this agreement are not intended to limit or exclude the provisions implied by operation of law, unless such law permits its exclusion
or limitation, in which case the law is excluded or limited to the maximum permitted extent.

18. The laws of the State of Victoria shall govern the terms of this agreement.