Storage Brisbane: Tips for Keeping Your Things in Good Condition

Have you noticed how the number of storage facilities, particularly in urban centres like Brisbane, has risen in recent years? This is largely due to an increasing number of people relocating to these areas and finding themselves suddenly in need of space to store some of their belongings for a certain amount of time.

Boxes Of Stuff

In the past, storage spaces were rented by businesses for the most part. These days, however, more and more private individuals are taking advantage of the benefits offered by these storage facilities. So, if you’re planning to put some of your things into storage in Brisbane, you’d likely appreciate the following tips to ensure your belongings are in good condition while they’re stored.


This is the most common type of personal belongings that get stored for the long term. It’s advisable to clean your furniture thoroughly and then cover it with either cloth or plastic before you get them stored. This helps ensure that they remain in good condition even when you’re not using them. If you’re storing chaise lounges, cushioned chairs, and couches, be sure to vacuum them before they’re put in storage so they don’t attract pests that can cause damage.

If you’re storing cabinets and drawers, be sure to empty them first to protect their structure. If they can be disassembled, then by all means disassemble them. This not only saves storage space, but also keeps the risk of damage at a minimum. If you’re storing tables that cannot be disassembled, it’s best to get them stored upside down.


When placing refrigerators and freezers into storage, don’t forget to clean them thoroughly and dry them first. It is also a must for you to place deodorizers inside them and leave the door just slightly open. When storing TV sets, place them inside their original box wherever possible. Otherwise, make sure you cover them in bubble wrap or protect them with packing foam and store them snugly in a sturdy box. Old stereos should have tone arms and turntables secured before storage.

Arranging Your Belongings

You’re probably not going to do the actual storing yourself, as most storage companies do that for you. It pays, however, to have at least some basic knowledge on how items should be stored. It also pays to be there as your belongings are placed in the storage unit. Make sure the heaviest items are placed towards the back of the storage unit and the lightest items by the door. You should also make sure there’s enough space to serve as walkway in case you decide to check on your things in the future.

Of course, it is primarily the responsibility of the storage company to arrange your things properly, but you’d do well to know how things should be done as well. Note that there are companies that provide cartons and other items needed for storing your things, along with transport services from your house to the storage unit. It may be a good idea to hire this kind of company to make the process a lot easier.

Here are additional tips to make sure your experience with storage facilities is a good one:

1.    Check the storage unit before renting it. Make sure it is clean, the structures are in good condition, and the place won’t be compromised by bad weather. You never know when a storm will hit and flooding occur; it’s best to make sure your things are in a safe area. It’s also advisable to make sure the unit you plan to rent is dry and well-ventilated, and that there are no undesirable odours that may stick to the items you store inside.

2.    Check the loading and unloading docks of the facility. They should be sturdy and of good quality. It also pays to make sure your belongings will be conveniently and efficiently transported from your home to your rented unit.

3.    Before signing a storage rental agreement, be sure to check it thoroughly for clarity and transparency. All charges should be specified in the agreement so you won’t have any unpleasant surprises in the form of hidden fees. If there’s anything in the contract that’s not so clear to you, don’t hesitate to ask before signing. This helps you avoid confusion and ensures you know exactly what you’re getting into.

Australia has indeed caught up with other countries in terms of the number and quality of storage facilities currently in operation. Should you feel the need for such a facility, you’d do well to bear the above tips in mind.