Removals and Storage in Melbourne – Considerations for Comparing Price Quotes

Are you moving to or from Melbourne? Do you need extra storage space for you things? Either way, you’re going to need services from a credible stack removals company. Naturally, among the things you’ll want to consider when you hire such a company is the cost of their services. So you’ll likely appreciate the following tips on what to consider when you’re comparing quotes.

1. Amount of Items to Be Moved

The number of furniture and boxes (as well as their size) will determine how many trucks the mover will have to use in transporting your things. To a certain extent, this will determine how much you’re going to pay. This is why it pays to make a detailed list of everything you need to store or move. Take note of items that have unusual shapes as they may be a bit tricky to stack. You should also note items that need to be handled with extra care. Letting removal companies know exactly what items you’ll be moving/storing also allows them to give you more accurate quotes, which can help you in comparing costs.

2. Depot to Depot

There are removal companies that charge you for the drive to the pick-up point, from the pick-up point to the new location/storage area, and then from the new location back to their offices. This isn’t really fair, is it? Try to find a company that charges you only for the drive from the pick-up point to the new location/storage area (plus the actual lifting, moving, and/or storage, of course).

3. Minimum Number of Hours

There are some companies that charge for a minimum number of hours (usually three). This means you pay for their services for the agreed minimum time, even if the actual work involved in moving your things takes only an hour or less. If you can find a company that doesn’t require a minimum charge, then it may be more practical for you to go for that company.

4. Charges Rounded to the Nearest 30 Minutes or Hour

With some removal companies, you pay for every 30 minutes or per hour of their services. Let’s say they get your things moved in an hour and 15 minutes. You’ll have to pay for an hour and 30 minutes of service with some companies and for two hours of service with others. Again, this arrangement is less than fair to you. Try to find a company with better payment terms.

5. Lunch Breaks

Depending on the schedule of the move and the time it takes to move your things, the movers may have to take a lunch break along the way. This is understandable. What’s not understandable is that some companies actually make you pay for the time when their movers are on break! Make sure the arrangement you have with your chosen removal company specifically states that you pay only for the time the movers are actually moving your things.

6. Fixing Breakage

There are companies that offer to fix any item they break. This may sound like the perfect arrangement, but you have to be careful with this. Compare their hourly rate with a company that doesn’t offer this assurance, but offers you optional insurance. If the difference in their rate is higher than the cost of insurance, then you may be better off with the company that doesn’t give a “fixing breakage” assurance. Another thing to consider is the set of conditions and restrictions that apply with the “fixing breakage” assurance. With some companies, you’ll have to actually see the damage done and you don’t get to decide on the method of repair. If the conditions are too much of a hassle, it may be better to go with another company.

7. Type of Estimate

There are two types of removal/storage estimates: binding and non-binding. It is in your best interest to go for a “binding not-to-exceed” estimate. This means the amount quoted in the given estimate is the maximum amount you get to pay, regardless of whether the actual shipment weight exceeds the expected weight. A binding estimate also has the advantage of containing a detailed description of the services to be provided. If you need additional services, you’ll have to pay for it separately, but at least you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for and there will be no unpleasant surprises.

These are the most important considerations for checking quotes from different removals and storage Melbourne companies. Moving can be an overwhelming experience. You’ll want to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible.