Reasons to use an AFRA Member

Why You Should Hire an AFRA Member – Top 7 Reasons

If you’ve ever experienced home or office relocation, then you have most likely heard the advice to hire an AFRA member if you choose to get professional help for the move. The Australian Furniture Removers Association is an official organization that helps regulate Australia’s removals industry. The government consults AFRA before they make decisions concerning or affecting the industry.

Considering this, it may indeed be logical to hire an AFRA member if you ever find yourself in need of professional removals assistance. There are many good reasons to choose an AFRA member. Here are the top 7:

1. Assurance
Any removals company that applies for AFRA membership goes through a stringent selection process. They need to meet a strict set of criteria and pass the inspection of an AFRA auditor. Once the AFRA Council approves the membership application, the company will have to abide by the organization’s Code of Conduct or face removal from the members’ list. This should give you the assurance that your move will be handled as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

2. Complete Paperwork
When the AFRA auditor inspects an applicant, among the things he ensures is that the company has correct and complete paperwork for quotations, insurance, inventories, and contracts. The Association will then approve the paperwork and the member will have to put up a financial bond. The bond signifies the member’s commitment to the association and their Code of Conduct. This assures you that you’re getting the best quality of removal services and that everything is being done legally.

3. Support
In case you run into a problem with the removals company you hire and you somehow fail to resolve it at the company level, you have the option of contacting AFRA for assistance. In the event that the AFRA representative you speak with still cannot help you arrive at a resolution, an adjudication process will commence, handled by an independent disputes tribunal. As part of the member selection process, the AFRA member has agreed to abide by whatever decision the tribunal makes.

If you decide to hire a removals company that’s not an AFRA member, your only option in case you run into problems that cannot be solved at the company level would be to take action through Fair Trading. By dealing with an AFRA member, you may not have to go that far. That is, of course, still an option you may want to consider if you’re not satisfied with the decision of the AFRA independent disputes tribunal.

4. Information
When you hire a removals company, you’ll likely want to know a lot of things concerning the relocation process—the packing, transporting, and unloading of your belongings, among other things. It can be quite frustrating to call the company and get no response. When you hire an AFRA member, however, you get the option of contacting the AFRA office for information in case you fail to get hold of the company for whatever reason.

5. Credibility
AFRA members all have access to various training systems that are available through different outlets. They are required to provide their staff with the appropriate training, thus ensuring their work practices are all safe and that they adhere only to the highest service standards. AFRA also has training manuals and visual training aids made available to members on their website. These training materials have been lauded by various organizations that promote health and safety in workplaces. This assures you that your move will be handled professionally and without danger to you, the movers, or the surroundings.

6. Insurance
Every member of AFRA is required to get insurance of up to $10 million. This requirement is aimed towards their own protection as well as that of their clients. They are also required to carry transit insurance, so you’re assured that your belongings are protected while they’re being transported to your new location. This saves you not only from worrying about your things, but also from having to take out a separate insurance policy just to make sure your things are covered in case of damage or loss.

7. Security
A removals company cannot become an AFRA member unless they receive approval from the Association as regards the standards of their business premises, the condition of their vehicles, the quality of their equipment, and the security of their storage facilities if they provide that type of service. Even when a company is already an approved member, AFRA still conducts regular inspection of the premises to make sure high standards are kept at all times.

Furthermore, the premises of every AFRA member are open for public inspection. This means you can visit the business premises of your chosen removals company at any time. They are bound by the AFRA Code of Conduct, which means they cannot deny you the right to inspect their premises, equipment, and vehicles to see if they meet your standards. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing your belongings will be well taken care of and there’s almost zero possibility of them getting lost along the way.

These are the most important reasons for you to hire an AFRA member whenever you need help from a professional removalist. Other than making sure a removals company is an AFRA member, you may also want to heed these quick tips in choosing movers:

– Plan ahead to make sure everything is in order.
– Do your research and get multiple quotes. You can’t just hire the first company you come across.
– Make a checklist for everything and don’t forget to label all the boxes you’ll be transporting.

Handling relocation on your own may be a generally less expensive option, but a removals company can help take away most of the stress of moving to a new location. You have to make sure, of course, that you choose the right company. Ensuring AFRA membership could be the necessary first step towards finding the removals company that can make relocation an adventure, rather than a chore.