Paintings – What to Choose for the Atmosphere You Want to Evoke


Like stories, paintings have hidden messages. Each figure and element that you see in a painting has a meaning; a purpose. This is why collectors often take time to study or research about a painting before they purchase it.

The hidden messages in a painting evoke different emotions. When used as a decorative element for a house or room, it can help create an atmosphere. Choosing the right painting to hang on your wall will help you invite the kind of aura you want the room to evoke.

Here are some ideas of wall paintings that evoke different emotions and atmospheres. Choose the one that suits your purpose best.

•    If you follow Feng Shui principles, you will want to use the east wall of your room for the painting (or paintings) you plan to have. The east wall is said to carry the energies for family harmony and health. To invite positive energies and attract good health, vigor, and harmony; hang a painting depicting nature. But if you want stronger positive energies, use the east wall of the room for your wedding portrait or family portraits that show happiness.

•    Passion is what a Baroque painting can add to your house or room. A Baroque painting is full of drama, intense light and shadows, and rich colors. Paintings by Rembrandt and Caravaggio are examples. You will want to hang these paintings in a room that needs to be quiet most of the time, like the study or the library (if you have one).

•    If it is creativity that you want to evoke, however, look for paintings depicting abstract expressionism or cubism. Paintings of the avant-garde movement are also good choices. These paintings best define and evoke creativity. Anyone who finds himself in the room will feel the urge to explore his creative mind. Be sure to hang the paintings on the west wall of your room.

•   Paintings that evoke strong emotions usually have dark tones and deep shadows. Not everyone will want these types of paintings on their home walls, but you can if you really want to. Strong emotions do not necessarily mean negative ones. Passion is a strong emotion. Love is also a strong emotion. To soften the effect, look for portraits in charcoal and gouache or oil on canvas masterpieces. These paintings often depict dramatic contrasts.

•    If you want paintings on your bedroom wall, hang some on the area that directly faces your bed. As this is usually the first thing you will see when you wake up, this wall needs to have inspiring paintings. Look for lively paintings of images (the sunrise, perhaps), people (those you admire or look up to), and symbols (a dove, maybe). Stay away from dark paintings that depict sadness, anger, or any other negative emotion.

•    Finally, on the northern side of your wall, hang paintings with water elements like the ocean, lake, waterfalls, or fountains. This will invite an atmosphere of success.

If you have old paintings that you don’t want anymore, don’t throw them away. You can sell them to collectors or send them to relatives and friends. Look for a mover or moving company that accepts transferring of paintings from one area to another. Most of these movers will help you wrap the paintings well, so they’re guaranteed to stay in good shape even when on the road.