Office Removals in Brisbane – How to Make the Process Easier

If you’re relocating your business to or from Brisbane, you’ll naturally want the process to go as smoothly and quickly as possible. Towards this end, you may want to hire the services of a professional office removal coordinator or supervisor. Remember that such a move is never easy, as it involves a lot of packing, labelling, and careful handling of office paraphernalia to ensure that no damage and loss occurs. This is why it pays to let professionals handle the work for you.

Even if you’ve decided to let a professional office removals Brisbane company handle the relocation process for you, though, there are still a lot of things you need to do on your own in terms of preparation. Here are some very useful tips on successfully handling office removals:

1. Preparing Furniture

Open Drawers

Some pieces of furniture can be very tricky to handle. Take cabinets and drawers, for example. Be sure to empty them before your scheduled date of relocation to avoid items breaking or spilling out during the move. If there are furniture pieces that can be dismantled and then reassembled later, then it’s best to do so to avoid damaging the furniture, to make it easier to stack, and to save space in the moving truck.

2. Preparing Electronics and Appliances

Be sure to disconnect the wires on your electronic devices and appliances before packing them. After winding the power cords and cables, you have two options in packing them: First, you could tape each cord and cable to the back of its corresponding appliance. Second, you could put all of the cables and cords in one box, labelled accordingly. If you choose the first option, make sure the cables and cords are taped tight, without any danger of getting lost in transit.

If you’re bringing a refrigerator along, be sure to empty it of its contents first and pack the contents separately. Empty the refrigerator’s water tray as well and be sure to drain out the pipe. If you have a freezer, be sure to defrost it ahead of time, so it won’t leak water on the way to your new location, possibly damaging other office paraphernalia.

3. Consider Storage

Check your new location well ahead of time. Is it bigger, smaller, or the same size as your current office? If the new location is a bit smaller, you may have to place some items into storage for some time, until you can make room for them in your new office or perhaps find ways to properly dispose of them. Even if the new location is bigger or the same size as your current office, you may still need to store your office paraphernalia if you still haven’t thought of how to arrange your new office.

If you do feel the need for short-term storage for whatever reason, it’s a good idea to ask your chosen removals company if they offer storage services. If they don’t, you may have to look for a place to temporarily store your things. It would be best, though, for you to choose a company that offers both removal and storage services, for purposes of efficiency and to reduce the risk of damage with too many people handling your belongings.

4. Check Insurance

Insurance Folder Label

No matter how careful the movers are, the risk of accidents that may damage your belongings is still there. It may be a good idea to check your options for getting your items insured when you relocate. Some removal companies offer coverage for any damage they cause to your belongings as part of the services you pay for. There are also those that offer insurance for a fee. Be sure to check all your options carefully.

5. Make Checklists

Checklists are very important for making the relocation process smooth and efficient. Make a checklist of every single item you plan to move, let the movers sign the list to acknowledge that they’ve loaded all the items on the list onto their truck, and give them a copy of the list. Make a list of the contents of each box you move so the process of unpacking and furnishing will go smoothly once you get to your new office. Make a list of items you may choose to store, leave at your old office, or dispose of. This will help you ensure that the relocation process is as organized and stress-free as possible.

Relocating your business can indeed be a very tedious task, but if you get assistance from the right people, the task can be a lot less burdensome. And by heeding the tips above, you can save yourself a lot of hassle and stress these tips can also be applied to residential interstate removals Brisbane .