Office Relocation Brisbane: How to Take the Stress Out of Moving

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Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, has the third largest population of all Australian cities. Their thriving economy is one of the reasons why many people wish to relocate to this city. And when people relocate to Brisbane, it often involves not just home relocation, but office relocation as well.

If you’re planning to relocate your business headquarters to Brisbane anytime soon, you’ll have to take certain things into careful consideration.

One of the most important aspects of office relocation, which is also among the first things you need to take care of, is packing. You could ask the movers who are transporting your things to your new location to include packing in the services you’ll pay for, or you could reduce relocation costs by doing the packing yourself. If you do choose to pack your belongings on your own, you’d do well to heed the following tips to ensure your things are packed properly and the risk of damage is minimized.

1. Glassware

If there are glassware items you need to pack, be sure to wrap them individually with thick packaging paper of good quality. Tape them shut to make sure the packing paper doesn’t come off during transport and make sure the box you pack them in is tight enough so they don’t get juggled around inside. Be sure to label the box accordingly, so the movers will know it contains fragile items.

2. CDs/DVDs

Many offices these days have a collection of CDs and DVDs, usually used for presentations. When you pack these items, place them in their original cases if you still have those. Otherwise, try to find a sturdy replacement case for them. Place a layer of shredded paper at the bottom of your packing box and then stack the CDs side by side. Make sure you don’t stack the CDs flat because that increases the risk of damage.

3. Lamps

If you have lamps in the office that also need to be brought to the new location, be sure to remove the light bulbs and pack them separately. If there are pieces of cloth that you’re also packing, it’s a good idea to pack the lamps with those. Otherwise, you should pack lamps in tissue-lined boxes, placed in an upright position. Wrap the lamp itself in tissue paper as well to further reduce the risk of damage.

4. Appliances

Remove all loose pieces from appliances like trays and shelves and then pack them separately. If you still have the original boxes of your office appliances, pack them in those boxes. Otherwise, find boxes that have enough room not just for the appliance, but also for ample padding to prevent damage. Again, be sure to label the boxes accordingly for the guidance of the movers.

5. Drawers/Cabinets

Remove all contents from cabinets and drawers unless you can lock them so they don’t accidentally open, spilling their contents all over the place. If drawers and cabinets can be dismantled and reassembled later, then it’s best to do so for easier packing and transport. If you decide to keep their contents intact and just lock them, be sure to advise the movers accordingly.

Here are a few more tips you may find useful in ensuring your office relocation process goes as smoothly as possible:

1. Do an Inventory

Check your office room by room and make a list of every item you’ll be bringing along when you move. This gives you a realistic idea of how much you’ll be packing up and transporting to the new location. It also helps when you’re discussing service packages with a removal company.

2. Dispose of Items You Won’t be Bringing Along

When you do the inventory, you should also make a list of the things you won’t be bringing along. Organize a garage sale so you can dispose of these unnecessary items without completely letting them go to waste. If there are still unsold items, say, two weeks before your scheduled move, sell them online. If they’re still unsold a few days before the move, you could give them away or just leave them there.

3. Get Quotes from Removal Companies

It’s always a good idea to get professionals to handle the relocation for you, but you have to make sure you hire a truly credible company. Get quotes from several prospects and talk about their experience as well as the techniques and procedures they employ. A truly credible removalist will give you sound advice and be transparent in their procedures and charges.

Office relocation to Brisbane can be an exciting journey as long as you plan ahead and plan well. By heeding the tips above, relocating shouldn’t be such a stressful task.