Garage Organization Tips That Work

garage organization ideas

There are many reasons why you would like to organize your garage. Maybe you’ve finally decided that the place looks like a dump. Or maybe you’ve been looking for something for days now and finally realized that the only way to find it is to clean up the place. Some people organize their garage because they want to transform it into a more functional space. Then again, maybe you’re simply planning to move out some things and send them over to charity or to relatives.

Whatever your reason for organizing the garage is, knowing how to do it properly will make the task not only easy, but also fun. If you plan to just stack things one on top of the other, you won’t go far in your organization task. You have to have the right storage ideas.

Here are some easy to remember tips to organize your garage.

•  Many homeowners use the garage as a workshop, so it is bound to have an endless supply of tools. If you want to properly organize your tools so you won’t need to open cabinets and rummage through shelves when you need them, use a magnetic knife holder. Yes, the one that’s used in kitchens. Attach it into a shelf or one side of the garage walls.

If you have a lot of screwdrivers, get some scraps of wood and create your own rack. All that you have to do is drill holes into the long piece of wood (be sure they’re of different sizes) and it’s good to go!

•  The floor space is going to be occupied by your car/s. What’s left for you to use then are the walls. Get some holders and heavy duty hooks. If you have wood scraps, you can also use this to make your own holders or hangers. Instead of putting baskets and boxes on the floor, hang them on the wall. This will save a lot of space. Your gardening and cleaning tools (rake, broom, and mop) should also be hung on the holders.

Aside from hangers, your wood scraps can also be used to make wall brackets. These brackets will be sturdy enough to hold lawn chairs and ladders. Again, you save a lot of floor space doing this.

spacious garage with unique tile

•   If you have a shelf already, make it look better by repainting it. Then look for jars and tin cans. Decorate these and they’ll look like new. Use the tin cans and jars for holding and keeping small items like screws, nails, bolts, brushes, pencils and pens.

•   You can also organize your shelf by using wire baskets. You’ll find different sizes in the hardware/household store. These baskets can be used to hold practically anything. Wine bottles, more gardening stuff, cat accessories, and other what-nots. If you don’t like to fill up your shelf with too many things, hang the wire baskets on the wall.

Other materials that you can use to organize garage stuff include your old hanging shoe rack, a coat rack, and some planters.

Before you start organizing, sort the things in the garage and determine which ones you will keep and which ones you’re sending away through the movers.