Choosing a Removalist

What to Look for When Choosing a Removalist

Choosing a service provider is a lot like shopping for merchandise. Aside from choosing the one that matches your needs, you also have to make sure the service quality is superb so that your money won’t be wasted. The same thing applies for when you’re choosing a removalist. You need to check if they offer the services you need and do them well.

To find out if a removals company is the perfect choice, look for or inquire about the following:

  1. A list of their products and services, as well as other perks they can confidently say will be enjoyed by their customers. (It’s useful to have a list that comes from the company itself because it gives you the right to demand for what was promised to you. Also, not all removalists offer the same set of services, so it’s important to be sure that the one you choose can help you fully.
  2. Insurance policies of the company and the type of insurance that you, as the customer, can avail of (especially for furniture removals and transport). It’s encouraging too if insurance was offered right away.
  3. Membership to the Australian Furniture Removers Association. (The AFRA upholds standards of service. Membership to the AFRA indicates a company is able to live up to those standards of quality.)
  4. The company must have an office or headquarters, including a garage where their vehicles are parked, conditioned, and repaired.
  5. The staff must be polite, professional, and obviously knowledgeable about packing, loading, and street routes.
  6. A quote for the services you inquire about.
  7. Quotes for all the products and services offered.
  8. If they offer storage services, they should have a very good facility for it.
  9. The terms for charging must be clear whether it’s a per-hour service or a combination of hourly and general service rates.
  10. Watch out for “subject to increase” clauses that indicate how and when charges will be increased.
  11. You should be able to comply with the available modes of payment.