6 Tips for Hassle-Free Office Removals in Melbourne

Moving to a different office space invariably entails a lot of work. Almost always, it involves a lot of heavy lifting. Even if your office furniture is not hardwood and your couches aren’t the heavy, black leather type, there will still be desks, tables, shelves, and filing cabinets to haul and move to the new place. Don’t underestimate boxing paperwork, too, because that can be time consuming and exhausting physically and mentally.

Office Stuff In A Box

Since these are situations are a given for office removals in Melbourne (or anywhere else for that matter), people should explore options on how to minimize those problems when they relocate. Moving from one office to another can never be 100% problem-free, but it is possible to make sure they are simply minor glitches and are easily bearable. How? Here are some tips:

1. Select a removalist company after careful consideration. Don’t just settle for the cheapest service, but think about the services and perks included in the service fees. Most of the time, a mid-range company can do an excellent job that matches the most expensive services out there. The best part is the quality of their services is not mediocre, nor are they lacking. They can provide almost the same range of services as the most expensive removalists at much more affordable prices.

2. What services should you look out for? Packaging services, for one, is necessary. You need to check because if you opted for the cheapest package, you might be getting transportation assistance only. There are removalists that give customers the option to choose or not to choose to have them assist in the packing. Saying yes to packing services will come with an additional price, but the additional help reduce the hassle of moving. Picture this: if you can get professionals to pack the office furniture and load the heavy shelves and cabinets on the moving vans, all you need to worry about are the documents and other confidential materials that you can’t entrust to just anybody.

3. Clean out the clutter simultaneously with packing. It’s highly probable that a quarter or more of the papers in your desk is trash or has a soft copy version stored in cloud. Take out what’s not needed and what you can afford to throw out. This applies to everything else in the old office, not just to papers. This will also make it easier and quicker to rearrange things again when you arrive at the new office.

4. Office removals in Melbourne are easy enough, if the customers are merely relocating within the city. Interstate relocations require much more coordination and preparation. You can always trust that the removalists will have a well laid-out plan. They will have plotted out the time of travel, the stops, estimated what time of the day they will reach those stops, where they can have a refuel, where they can buy food and drinks, and where they can stop for a sleepover, if necessary.

It will benefit you to coordinate with the removalists so that you can also work on the schedules of the rest of your staff. It’s also necessary simply because you’ll want to know when your office equipment will arrive, and whether or not they are still in great condition during the travel. Not knowing these things can stress out any office admin or logistics officer; and since the goal is to be as stress-free as possible, then doing something as simple as coordinating schedules is a step to easing some of your worries.

5. Give your numbers to the drivers and get theirs as well. This is necessary if no one from the office will be traveling with the removalists during interstate office relocations. Sometimes problems can’t be avoided. Suppose there is a vehicular accident on the highway and the removalists are stuck in traffic. Don’t torture yourself with not knowing why the equipment and furniture still didn’t arrive three hours past the expected time of arrival. You should know that with office removals, sometimes the simplest preparations can give you the biggest relief.

6. If you’re going to recruit the office staff to help set up the new office, don’t make everybody come to do it. The saying, “the more the merrier” may not be applicable here. It’s usually better to get the majority out of the way while you and a few select, able, and trusted individuals arrange the furniture and set up the equipment. It is usually faster this way, especially if the removalists will remain to assist in unloading and unpacking everything.

Professional services for office removals in Melbourne will do what they can to give customers a problem-free move. However, it is also your responsibility as the customer to make sure the more minute details will proceed without a hitch. It is your office, after all, and you know it better than any removalist company, These same tips can be applied to local removals in Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane.