2-Man vs. 3-Man Moving Team: Options for Removalists in Perth

Two Men Carrying A Sofa

You have plenty of choices when it comes to removalists in Perth. For one thing, you have the option of hiring a simple man-and-truck remover or going for a big removal company. If you choose to hire a removal company, then you also have the option of going for two removal men and a truck or three removal men and a truck. It is best to know which removal option is the best for you at any given time. Following are some tips that’ll tell you when you should go for a 2-man team and when three men are more advantageous.

2 Men + Truck

Request for two men and a truck for the following circumstances:

  • when moving small to medium-sized home furniture – Surely you can understand why getting three men for modest-sized furniture removal is a waste of your money.
  • moving from a 1- or 2-bedroom house – With a moderately-sized house, you shouldn’t have too many pieces of furniture and boxes for moving, right? An efficient 2-man crew should have no problem moving your stuff within a few hours.
  • relocating a small office – If you’re planning to move an office that only has up to five workers, two movers should be able to complete the task without too much trouble.
  • you’re prepared to assist the movers – If you aren’t doing anything else that day and you’re willing to move the smaller boxes to and from the truck, then you wouldn’t need a third man on the removal team.
  • if there’s good access to everything being moved – If the truck can park right outside your front door and there’s easy access to every single item to be moved, then a 2-man team can definitely complete the move very quickly and efficiently. Why hire a third man?

3 Men + Truck

Request for three men and a truck for the following circumstances:

  • when carrying out a huge move – If your house has more than three bedrooms, then you probably have a huge number of furniture and a considerable amount of boxes to be moved. In this case, you’ll need a 3-man moving crew. One of the men will likely stay inside the truck to arrange the furniture and boxes while the other two takes care of moving them out to the truck.
  • when you’re relocating a medium-sized office – Provided that the volume of office stuff you’re moving can fit into a medium-sized truck, then three men should be able to tackle the move quite easily. It would be a good idea to tag each item with colour-coded labels and then give the team leader a copy of the coded list so they’ll know immediately which items to move and what goes where.
  • where there’s access difficulty – If you live in a high-rise apartment building and the distance from the parking area to your front door requires a transit vehicle to move your things to the truck, then a 3-man team is definitely needed. One of the men will be assigned to drive the transit vehicle while the other two loads your things into it and also transfers them from the transit vehicle to the truck.
  • in case of over-the-balcony or down-stairways lifts – If you have a balcony, a front porch, or a series of stairways over which the movers will have to lift certain pieces of furniture or large boxes, then it will definitely be advisable to have a third member of the crew. It would also be best for you to tell the removal company in advance about lifting conditions.
  • if you have to move billiard tables, spa baths, or upright pianos – These and similar objects are very tricky to move, which is why you’ll need at least three men to move them. They will need to use a special trolley and one of them will have to secure the object on the trolley to prevent it from falling over and getting damaged in any way. Guiding such bulky objects through doorways and corridors can also become extremely difficult without a third man to assist in the special kind of tipping, turning, and twisting this kind of work requires.

Once you’ve determined whether you need a 2-man or 3-man moving team, you can take other things into consideration. Don’t forget to compare the service packages and rates of at least three different removal companies. As a general rule, it’s best to go with the company that really pays attention to your needs and preferences, offers negotiable prices and terms, and has a good track record as evidenced by customer reviews and referrals from your family and friends.